Alan Corbett



Author, Illustrator and Corkonian Alan Corbett has created Cork’s very own graphic novel and children’s book that positions the city as a rival to Spiderman’s New York or Sherlock Holmes’ London. ‘Ghost of Shandon’,set in 18th Century Cork, a time in our history when French Huguenots, Dutch Merchants and local Irish made the city the second largest port in the world, follows the adventures of Aisling & Ronan as they encounter many famous figures around the streets, laneways and canal systems of the old city.


The book contains 100 illustrations, meticulously researched and created by Alan who holds a BA in Graphic Design from CIT and an MA in Children's Book Illustration from the Cambridge School of Art.


Alan uses a multidimensional process to create his incredible illustrations that combines both traditional animation techniques and modern technology. Layering pencil drawings, watercolour, texture, acrylics and oils he creates imaginative scenes that draw the viewer deep into the worlds of the characters depicted in them. Inspired by artists Jack B Yeats, Harry Clarke & Daniel Maclise he has brought Cork City's past back to life in a wonderfully evocative and engaging way.




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