Purchasing art, whether it's your 1st or your 100th artwork, is a special time. Full of excitement as it is it can also feel a bit daunting. Let us take the trepidation out of the experience with our  tips for making a purchase with us at 2020 Art Gallery.

Buying art starts here.




ASK our advice. Use the wealth of experience held by the gallery staff. From information about the artist to payment plans to how to hang the piece when get it home. Whatever your art query, confusion or quest, we have the answer!

REVIEW. Bring us a photo of your room so we can match the space, light quality and decor to just the right piece. If you’re looking to fill a specific wall in your home or office test how the piece you love will fit using paper cut to scale.

TRUST your gut. Buy the artwork you love. This is the key to making the right purchase for you. You might adore the narrative portrayed or simply love the colour palette. Whatever the reason, it’s the right reason. Go for it!

Now you’ve brought your true art love home, what next??

Here are some dos and don'ts of displaying an artwork


• Never hang art in direct sunlight.


• Get the most from the piece by choosing a spot to hang it where you will be able to enjoy it every day (ie. Opposite your favourite armchair) or where it will create most impact (ie. Over your dining table).


• Hang artwork with the centre of the piece at eye level. This is a general rule of thumb.


• Use single, double or triple pegged picture hooks, respectively, for light to medium weight artworks. Masonary nails should be fitted for very large or heavy pieces.


• Think about lighting. Picture lights are always a flattering addition but often a nearby lamp can add an interesting splash of light as night falls.


• Paintings and other 2d pieces don’t always have to go on walls. Mantelpieces and shelves can also be perfect spots to showcase small works.



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