Deirdre Breen



Deirdre Breen is a graphic designer and printmaker living and working in Cork City. Her work traverses the interplay of form in art and design through studies in colour, shape and structure. Experimental and methodical, her geometric compositions celebrate abstraction, gradation, symmetry and space. Deirdre takes inspiration from curious scapes and vistas, and reflects these environments through abstract forms and juxtapositions.


LTD EDITION is her latest portfolio of hand-printed limited edition screenprints for 2020 Gallery.


Created using multiple layers of graphic elements, Deirdre creates tension, rhythm and contrast through shape interaction and colour combinations: rigid grid structures inform her playful compositions.


All works have been screenprinted by Deirdre at Cork Printmakers.

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2020 Art Gallery

Griffith House

North Mall

(Opposite The Gate Cinema)



+353 21 4391458