Jackie Raftery



Jackie Raftery is a member of Cork Printmakers and has been producing prints since 2008. She also works as a graphic designer for various journals and business enterprises, and is a lecturer in graphic reproduction at WIT since 2000. She obtained the degree MA for her thesis: A visual and textual analysis of Stultifera Navis, and the degree MPhil for her thesis: The economy of typography. She also gives annual workshops at the Chester Beatty Library focusing on techniques with particular reference to the Chester Beatty Collection of European manuscripts including Stultifera Navis (The Ship of Fools) by Sebastian Brant a 15th century illustrated bestseller and the Wichey Wit Darly’s comic prints.


Jackie’s method is one of relief printing, working with woodblock printing mixing foil and ink. In her works, she prefers to use fruit woods in particular apple wood to achieve finer detail in her prints.








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