Ludmila Korol



Ludmila was born in the Ukraine and is a graduate of the Kiev State Academy of Fine Art. After spending the early nineties living and working as an artist in Prague Ludmila moved to Ireland in 1996. Since then her work has been exhibited widely throughout the country including at the RHA Annual Exhibition and the Office of Public Works Touring Exhibition. Her pieces form part of both public and private collections as a result.


Ludmila applies a considered and deliberate techinique to her paintings, every single element; colour, line and shape, is placed with specific purpose to create a unique balance in the composition. Her distinctive pieces capture that intangible state between dreaming and waking that subliminally pervades our consciousness but is stifled by our daily lives. Ludmila describes her paintings as "an open channel into the depths of the psyche" and "like a friend, often subversive, disturbing, soothing and contemplative."



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